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All Hotels in Saraburi

Hotel Name Min Price Max Price Place
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Accommodation in Namtok Samlan National Park 600 บ. 6,000 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Artitiya Resort & Spa 1,200 บ. 1,200 บ. Muak Lek
Baan Ingkhao 700 บ. 1,250 บ. Muak Lek
Baan Phu Pha Pa Sak Resort 1,600 บ. 2,600 บ. Muak Lek
Baan Rai Rim Than 500 บ. 700 บ. Muak Lek
Baan Suansuay Resort 1,500 บ. 20,000 บ. Muak Lek
Charn Issara Resort Hotel 1,500 บ. 4,500 บ. Muak Lek
Greenville Muak Lek Resort 1,000 บ. 2,500 บ. Muak Lek
Had Song Kwae Resort 1,200 บ. 7,000 บ. Kaeng Khoi
Hong Thong Resort 400 บ. 500 บ. Kaeng Khoi
Kratomtip Hill Resort 600 บ. 3,000 บ. Wang Muang
Kyo-Un Hotel 320 บ. 1,670 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Muak Lek Forest 1,000 บ. 6,000 บ. Muak Lek
MUAKLEK HEALTH SPA & RESORT 1,900 บ. 8,000 บ. Muak Lek
Mung Pure Inn 480 บ. 800 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Petcharat Pasak Resort 590 บ. 590 บ. Wang Muang
Phu Khae Inn 350 บ. 500 บ. Chaloem Phrakiat
Rai Dao-Den Country Resort 1,000 บ. 3,500 บ. Muak Lek
Rai Un-Jai Resort 1,000 บ. 2,000 บ. Muak Lek
Rai Wan Sanit Resort 900 บ. 1,200 บ. Kaeng Khoi
S & M Resort 490 บ. 990 บ. Kaeng Khoi
Saensuk Hotel Saraburi 100 บ. 320 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Saraburi Hotel 250 บ. 420 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Saraburi Inn 963 บ. 2,675 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Sir James Resort 1,800 บ. 5,000 บ. Muak Lek
Subsin Roongrueng Hotel 450 บ. 1,200 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Supalai Pasak Resort Hotel & Spa 1,190 บ. 2,490 บ. Kaeng Khoi
Thanom Song Hotel 300 บ. 400 บ. Mueang Saraburi
Thepprathan Park View 500 บ. 2,000 บ. Muak Lek
Valley Garden Resort 3,500 บ. 4,500 บ. Muak Lek