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Hotel Name Min Price Max Price Place
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Accommodation in Pang Sida National Park 1,200 บ. 1,200 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Aran Gaden Hotel 2 230 บ. 450 บ. Aranyaprathet
Aran Mermaid Hotel 950 บ. 1,500 บ. Aranyaprathet
Baan Rai Chai Khao 350 บ. 1,200 บ. Khao Chakan
Baan Suan Resort 400 บ. 450 บ. Aranyaprathet
Buddharuksa Bungalow 150 บ. 350 บ. Watthana Nakhon
Chai Suk Hotel 250 บ. 600 บ. Aranyaprathet
Chantra Hotel 320 บ. 650 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Good View Lake Country Resort 550 บ. 2,500 บ. Khao Chakan
Great Inn Hotel 250 บ. 500 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Great Inn House Hotel 250 บ. 600 บ. Aranyaprathet
รndochina Hotel 950 บ. 1,450 บ. Aranyaprathet
Inter Hotel 550 บ. 1,300 บ. Aranyaprathet
Kawee Hotel 230 บ. 390 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Kawee Villa Hotel 500 บ. 500 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Lalu Homestay 100 บ. 250 บ. Ta Phraya
Miitr Seri 86 Hotel 200 บ. 400 บ. Wang Nam Yen
Nakorn Inn Hotel 300 บ. 500 บ. Watthana Nakhon
Nice Grace House 300 บ. 450 บ. Aranyaprathet
River Resort & Spa 790 บ. 950 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Ruenkeaw Resort 250 บ. 350 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Sang Chan Hotel 250 บ. 500 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Siam Guesthouse 480 บ. 480 บ. Aranyaprathet
Thup Thong Kum Hotel 300 บ. 400 บ. Aranyaprathet
Travel Hotel 400 บ. 550 บ. Mueang Sa Kaeo
Wangprapa Resort 800 บ. 1,600 บ. Aranyaprathet