General Information of Koh Phi Phi

From Phuket
Tour agencies can arrange transport including transfer from your accommodation to the jetty, and the boat to Phi Phi. If you simply want to get there and back for an overnight stay, expect to pay around 400 Baht return. Tickets can be used for any return trip and are not tied to a specific date, so you can be flexible with your plans. Normally it is not necessary to book in advance, although during holidays, especially Christmas and January, it is advisable to be at the pier 20 minutes before departure.

Day Trips from Phuket
If you're staying in Phuket but would like to visit Phi Phi Island for the day, there are a number of tours available. Prices vary between 500-1,200 Baht including lunch and depend on the type of boat, quality of lunch, and options offered e.g., snorkeling and glass bottomed boat. Tours normally start in the early morning around 7.00 am and usually return by about 6.00pm.

From Krabi Province
Boats depart from Krabi town and Ao Nang beach around 4 times daily (subject to change) The journey takes about 90 minutes depending on weather conditions. During the low season (May - October) departures may be delayed.

From International Destinations
The last boat from Phuket to Phi Phi leaves at 13.30 so you must allow time to get a taxi from the airport to the boat dock. Tickets should be booked in advance through travel agencies as it is not always possible to buy tickets on arrival. Allow around 1 hour from the airport to the ferry. As connections can be subject to delay it is advisable to stay overnight in Phuket before continuing your journey to Phi Phi. See (Schedule)

How To Go to Koh Phi Phi

Activities in Koh Phi Phi

For water-sports lovers, at Koh Phi Phi you will find moder diving equipment as well as boats to heir for taking photographs and enjoying the beauty of the scenery of various islands and bays like Maya bay, Phi Phi Ley Bay, Tonsai Bay and Bamboo Island. Around diving area, you will see one of the beautiful coral reefs in the world and you will be impressed by an unforgettable experience.

You can rent kayaks along most of Phi Phi Don's main beach, but a better bet may be to sign up for a daylong kayaking tour to Phi Phi Le. You'll get a local's insight, plenty of snorkeling time, and the chance to paddle with – or swim beside – benign black-tip reef sharks.

Kayaking tours can be high energy and action packed with surging waves, caves, and blowholes, or more gentle relaxed paddling, depending on the season and the tour. Paddle during the day, visiting islands, snorkelling and swimming or take a sunset paddle and return by torchlight under the stars!

Wonderful coral gardens, unusual cave fish, exotic tropical fish, and sharks - probably the best snorkelling anywhere. Depths vary from 2-7 metres (6-20 feet) and visibility is crystal clear. You can hire equipment from local dive shops, but it's worth taking a tour to the reefs which fringe the islands. Tours also go to offshore reefs (about 1.5 km) which contain more unusual marine life.

Masks and snorkels are normally included in the price, although these may be of varied shapes and sizes! Some operators have quality equipment while others have a standard mask and fins in limited sizes, so shop around, otherwise your underwater views may be limited.

Game Fishing
The Andaman Sea is home to all the classic prize fighters of the fish world. Black Marlin, Giant Travelly, Sailfish, and Shark. Yellowfin, Dogtooth and Skipjack, Tuna are common, while Wahoo are plentiful during the monsoon season. (June - October.)

Boat charter is available, or join a trip with other individuals (depends on demand) or hire a local longtail boat. Don't expect to take your fish home Phuket operates a "catch and release" policy to maintain the stock of these remarkable fish.

Rock Climbing
Surprisingly, not really developed on the island - despite the great potential. Although some routes are bolted, you'll need to consult other climbers first and bring your own equipment!

Krabi is more organised with climbing shops and gear for rent, although more crowded on the rock face.

If you want to see local climbers in action, visit the Viking Cave. For 100 Baht, with no ropes or special equipment, just bamboo scaffolding (and a prayer to the local cave gods) the locals collect the Swifts' nests which form the basic ingredients for the gourmet Chinese Bird's Nest soup.

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